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Hey all, We've had some questions about resin and body matches for our heads and we thought we would show you what bodies we have and how well they match :)


First up is the Dollstown 18 year girl body in Pure fresh skin. Below is her chest piece with a Phoenix Dolls head cap in Fine Cream (previously called normal colour) resin. As you can see the colours match perfectly.

The head fits really well with good movement and minimal gaps around the neck. As per the Dollstown design we find the neck to be rather long but adds a certain air of elegance. A really good option at $565.


This is the body of a Dollshe 26F in pure fresh skin and matches our Fine Cream (previously called normal colour) resin perfectly. This is the body we had in mind when we designed our first head.

The fit is perfect with a wide range of movement and fantastic proportions and again not much in the way of gaps around the neck to head joint. We use it in all our photographs for Elle and Mie. In-fact we love it so much we've placed another order in oriental for Liu :) Prices can vary wildly from week to week but normally around the $580 mark depending on sales :P


Supia was a surprise fit and match, Below is a picture of a Supia SD in their normal resin colour which matches our Classic Cream (previously called Oriental colour) resin perfectly.

Our heads fit on a supia really well with excellent range of movement. We find the shoulders are slightly narrow but with clothes its not noticeable and all our Liu promotion photo's are all on the supia body. You can purchase one for $400 The cheapest of the lot but you wouldn't know it

Other Sources

Hopefully this will aid you in choosing your body for your new phoenix doll head. If you have any questions feel free to hit us up on social media or directly via email from out contact us page above. Although this isn't the only colour and body match for phoenix dolls, some of our friends have put together their own body and colour match lists .You can find these in the links below :)

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