• Sam Faulkner

Here comes Liu!

All the way back in October we revealed our latest head called Liu. Following that awesome sellout pre order we've been casting heads like crazy and we're happy to announce that Liu's going back on sale! As you can see above we also had her painted by the super talented RedIrisAtelier she's done a fantastic job on our Liu and we couldn't be happier.

Liu also marks a slight change for us at Phoenix Dolls as for the first time ever we now offer colour options. Normal resin (Pure fresh skin or similar) and Oriental Resin (Pure Oriental or similar) We'll be doing this for all our future dolls and hopefully adding more colours as we go

Secondly we sent our very own Android Mei off to be painted and she also came back this week. All of her subtle sculpture details like the screw holes and vents have been expertly painted by Angeltoast and she looks absolutely amazing. We're both really looking forward to taking some pictures of her and Mei together. Some sort of cheesy reflection shot would be cool.

We're also working on designing a new head which I'll go into more detail on in the near future, She's already looking really cool

We're having a busy old time making dolls and meeting new people, it's all be really good fun though :)

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