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We're finally releasing Mei!

We're back with out second major release! You've probably seen Mei before back when we put her up for pre-order a few months back now. Following that pre-order we had her cast and painted by the very talented pearls of danube. We've spent the past view days taking pictures of her and we're both very happy to show you our results, check them out below!

The design of Mei took a lot of attempts, we knew we wanted to make her Asian from the beginning but thats all we knew. We found inspiration in film (Lucy lie) and in video games (faith from the mirror edge series of video games) and various models we found online. You can see some of our reference images below.

In the end we made around 5 complete and unique versions of Mei before we were finally happy with her. Although they all looked good they didn't have the right characteristics for us. for example one design had a facial expression that was too stern, another had a face that we though was to soft...after each version we took what we liked from the last head and iterated on it. We both had ideas of what we wanted and settling on the final design took time. In the final version of Mei we added a very subtle smile, it's just a hint of one but we thought Mei should have a slightly mischievous personality. It's that sort of attention to detail that we pride ourselves on and that hopefully makes our work stand out

After they were cast we had to have her face up painted and we both knew instantly that it had to be pearls of danube again. She did such a fantastic job on Elle that it was a no brainer. We love how she came out

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