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Elle, the making of

Releasing a doll is a whole load of work, trial and error. We thought it would be interesting to make a kind of "behind the scenes" blog post to show you how much work actually goes into making a single doll. Inspiration was (as has been pointed out by many of you lovely people :P) Tilda Swinton, Angelina Jolie and Lena Headey. We knew from the off that she had to have a fierce strong personality. As for the art style we always leaned towards a more realistic approach.

The next step was to realise our ideas into 3D, that made it sound easier than it is but in reality this takes time and iterations. Sculpting for a few hours and taking short break to refresh our eyes became essential. You need to start to see her as a person rather than just some facial features, what works well as a mouth might not work well as her mouth. Eventually she'll start to appear in front of you and small brush strokes can change her expression immensely.

The next step is creating the master from a 3d print out. This takes days and when it's all over your left with a near pure white plastic head. Then comes the hard part, finessing. Varying grades of sand paper and elbow grease finally turns a rough head into the perfect master cast for your moulds.

The final step is vacuum casting her mould into top quality resin. Colour was hard to get right and took a few attempts, we wanted something that would make matching our head to another companies body as easy as possible. We settled on something matching a "pure fresh skin" as it seemed quite common (We're open to suggestions for a new colour by the way)

The last step in all this is getting her face up done, Luckily the talented Pearls of danube managed to squeeze us in, we were extremely grateful for her time and the faceup she ended up with completely blew us away. It's the best we've ever seen! We look forward to working with her again in the future.

hopefully now you can appreciate all the hard work that goes into making just one of our doll heads.

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