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Introducing "Mei"

UPDATE: The Pre-order period is over! next time you see her she'll be all made up :)

Following the successful launch of "Elle" I'd like to introduce you to our second release called "Mei"

This time around we decided to look east for inspiration and I hope you love what we have come up with. We think she looks slightly younger than Elle with a softer expression. We designed her with the thought that if Elle is the more responsible and mature, then Mei is her more reckless counterpart. We purposely gave her a slight knowing smile, I hope you can see and appreciate her more playful side.

She has the same specifications as Elle with a 10cm neck and 12mm eyes. She'll be available in our Phoenix normal resin which closely matches Pure Fresh skin.

This time around we're going to try something different by offering her on a pre-order before she goes on sale for full release, The pre-order period ends on june 12th we will then take her to the printers and get them shipped out to you as soon as possible. Because of this we can offer her at a slightly reduced price of £110 (plus postage). She'll disappear from sale for atleast a month while we prepare for full release. Upon full release she'll be on sale at full price again (£130) so be quick!

Again we hope you love her as much as we do.

Lucille Faulkner

Phoenix Dolls


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